I believe I have found the answer. Although at times, I feel as crazy as a normal person, I want to celebrate the peace I have found and am amazed at how very simple it is. I now empathise with the philosophers / Gurus / enlightened / Buddhas who have always found the ultimate answer very hard to explain.

I will try chipping at it again; on WP this time! Sometime it gotta give away.

So here on this blog you will find some way-finding signs – all from life experiences, crystalised for you without the tedious stories of explanations. Yep Gyan; if you insisit. If you are confused, write in; others and I along the path will try explain from the ultimate answer and hope to set some perspective. Perhaps you will be a follower or perhaps turn away cynically. I wish you stay and enjoy the journey. Welcome.

Go on! Live in Peace \m/.


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