Peace isn’t easy Either

Some discussion starts, you start to contribute and down the road somewhere you start to polarise with the views. It seems like although the difference of opinion is mighty small, you are at a different bank than the other person and you cant build a bridge, hire a boat or swim across. Your voice isnt even heard there and still there is a lot of din. Oh You arent perfect either – you arent listening too.

At this midst, you forget the peace mantra. You forget that you never want to fight about any issue – because people are more important to you. You forget that when you pass the next couple of days the issue is unimportant. Yes, you will even forget what was the stand and can perfectly take and discuss the opposite view.

So what is it about discussions becoming arguments and then impossibles? Why are they so hypnotizing that you cannot seem to escape it? Why is it so addictive and pattern-y that you just don’t cant find other ways even if you so desire?

Perhaps that’s why rulers had aides, to help you snap out of a position you no longer care for and seek peace.

Come by, peace, come by. Do not elude me now.


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  1. Dakshima
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 14:03:33

    I agree to what you have said. But sometimes life will come to a standstill where nothing seems to be going in your way, then what?
    Life is weird and happiness is a myth, i could not agree more..


  2. \m/
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 14:23:42

    One step at a time – Just one step at a time Dakshima. Don’t look too far – just one single simple step at a time. Look towards doing just one-thing that will give you peace at that moment. Judge peace not by what you ‘think’ you want – but by REAL REAL peace that brings calm to your mind. That will reduce the disturbance. Focus on Peace each time. Choose peace every single time. It shall pass.

    It works for me. 🙂


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