Happiness is temporary. Joy is peace.

One of the things I discovered is that there is a difference between happiness and joy. You can be happy about a hamburger. You can be happy about a song. Happiness is temporary. Joy is peace.

Wise words from Mark Schaefer


Feminism Mantra: Treat your man like a king.

Yes – you read it right. Wait! Before you bring on your shot gun, hear me out!

If he were a king, you would be queen isn’t? If you treat him like a worm, you would be one too. Simple, Ain’t?

I think this is what my ancestors tried to teach, which I missed by a mile.

Here is where you can find your Peace!

From BehaviourGap.com
This works not only for investor relations – but for general life. Most of misery comes from our misconceptions of thinking we can control some things. If we just focus on the things that we can control in the bigger subset of things that matter – then BINGO – you have your peace formula! 🙂

Go on! Live in Peace\M/

Peace isn’t easy Either

Some discussion starts, you start to contribute and down the road somewhere you start to polarise with the views. It seems like although the difference of opinion is mighty small, you are at a different bank than the other person and you cant build a bridge, hire a boat or swim across. Your voice isnt even heard there and still there is a lot of din. Oh You arent perfect either – you arent listening too.

At this midst, you forget the peace mantra. You forget that you never want to fight about any issue – because people are more important to you. You forget that when you pass the next couple of days the issue is unimportant. Yes, you will even forget what was the stand and can perfectly take and discuss the opposite view.

So what is it about discussions becoming arguments and then impossibles? Why are they so hypnotizing that you cannot seem to escape it? Why is it so addictive and pattern-y that you just don’t cant find other ways even if you so desire?

Perhaps that’s why rulers had aides, to help you snap out of a position you no longer care for and seek peace.

Come by, peace, come by. Do not elude me now.

Old Woman

Most of us will know this story, The story of the old man who traded his cow for donkey, donkey for chicken, chicken for soap or some such thing and went back home. On his way, he picked up 2 young folks who wouldn’t believe he wouldn’t be in trouble for his trading at home. He comes back and narrates the sequence to his woman, each time he is applauded for his action by the old woman.

That Old Woman knew peace, so perhaps that Old Man did too.I cant seem to get any link for this story. Drop in the link,  if you know.

Peace. \M/

Money?! Doesnt matter.

Yep, Folks say when I/you pursue peace – money doesn’t matter? What it actually means is – As you walk in the path of peace I/you may LOSE some/most money – The loss just STOPS mattering now.

Go on! Live in Peace \m/.

Good Bad and Ugly

The BEST in me is reserved for the people in my life. To the rest I reserve the GOOD in me.

The WORST and the UGLY in me? Don’t even think you can come anywhere near my city!

Go on! Live in Peace\M/

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